First time writing to the world, I won!

I woke up to some wonderful news and I am ecstatic, my first written submission for a daily prompt in a populated, talent filled discord server, won! Not quite the world but certainly was for me.

Goosebumps pinched my skin and I shed tears, hadn’t known there was such thing as a ‘daily prompt winner’ so the surprise really took me and still I am completely buzzed about it!

This is the first time I have ever written anything and shared it with the world, I have written some things before though only for my own eyes. The praise was incredible and the congrats I got from the members had me emotional!

How about I share my first piece with you?
The prompt was “The pages are harder to turn.”

Some sort of detergent smell with attempted undertones of an artificial stale lemon fragrance fills the stuffed hospital wards, faint beeps from tall ticking machines roll much like an echo from wall to wall, those bleach stained white walls.

Another slow minute reaches the finish line, another cluster of bubbles ripples within the bagged drip of vitamins, another wave of nauseousness soon arrives and lingers like a salty fog fresh off the ocean’s face.

Tucked away in the furthest booth of the colourless room braces an elderly gentleman, their hands gingerly jitter home bound for the crumpled page of a rather tarnished book, nicked edges and deep feathered browns curling up at the corners.

A struggling, frustrating breath faintly pierces through the rugged lips of the elderly man as his attempt to turn the page deems a task too much to ask, his hands continue to flutter as if imitating yet another defeat, wrinkling his hand to a barely open fist.

The sound of chattering nurses picks up in the distance, a single briny tear leaks from the crevice of the elderly man’s eye with a following attempt to lift his head once more to see the time.

Only twenty four seconds have passed.

I hope you enjoyed this piece as much as I enjoyed writing it, I since got some critique from another server which was extremely helpful and I can’t wait to put those wise words to use!

Although it may not appear like much being in a discord server and not some fancy website with editors and publishers alike, this to me was an enormous achievement and a serious confidence booster. I am super proud of myself for being able to stain an impression on so many people with my work.

If you made it this far I thank you for your precious time and wish to you all, a wonderful day.

Until next time!



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